2017 Titleholders

San Diego Leather Titleholders 2017


Red, Nathan & Tammy!

2017 Square Red 200pxHi! I’m Red, a 29 year old femme, pansexual, polyamorous bootblack. I’m a Minnesota native and I’ve been serving the San Diego community since 2013. It took me a while to find my place as a bootblack, and I hope to use my title year to make it easier for others to learn and grow in their bootblack identities. I’d like to raise bootblack visibility and knowledge in the pansexual community and develop an environment of sharing knowledge, skill, and experience for bootblacks locally. I know I have a lot left to learn as a bootblack, and I’d like to use the opportunities afforded to me as a titleholder to learn from the wider bootblack community. I went back to school in 2016 in order to pursue a career as a sex educator. While my career focus is on teenagers, I hope to share my knowledge with the kink community too! While I’ve found our community to have a much higher level of sexual health knowledge than the general population, I’ve found some gaps in knowledge that concern me. I believe that “risk aware” kink must include knowledge and acknowledgment of the sexual health risks that we take and that stigma and shaming have no place in a community where those risks are widespread. I look forward to meeting you all and growing in our Leather journeys together!

2017 Square Nathan 200pxThe basics: 39, male, Midwest native (Minnesota – I still have my accent) living in San Diego since 2013, and in Leather since 2010. I married my husband in 2015. I’m a clinical microbiologist, specializing in infectious disease diagnostic testing and treatment. If you have bad stuff coming out of you, I can tell you what it is and how to fix it. INTJ by Meyers Briggs, and I’m a Libra. I also have a zombie kit.

Why a zombie kit? My title platform is personal preparedness, and if you’re prepared for zombies, then you can handle anything. As I’m fond of saying, luck favors the prepared - know your surroundings, know your risks, and act to protect yourself, at home, at work, and in the community. From fire and natural disasters to active shooter situations, I plan to raise awareness and facilitate community education and training on ways we can all be safer. In Leather, we take care of our own, and I’m honored to have the opportunity to continue that tradition during my title year.


2017 Square Tammy 200px

Aloha! My name is Tamanava Eden-McLintock. It is an honor to be Ms. San Diego Leather, 2017. I am a San Diego native and a married, Bi-sexual, polyamorous mother of one. Having come into the Leather lifestyle in 1993, it has been quite the never-ending but always evolutionary journey. I identify as a top-heavy switch and Mistress-with a playful yet sadistic side.

I have a passion for community service and feed that drive through membership and active involvement in several groups, including Club X, San Diego Girls of Leather, Leather Realm at SD Pride, Girl Scouts, and Imperial Court de San Diego. I am also a member of Mama’s Family under the name “Mama’s Broomstick.” My motto is, “In service to others, there is service to self.” Therefore I always strive to help others whenever I can, not for prestige but because I believe it is the right way to live.

As a titleholder, my main goal is to encourage more members of our community to volunteer their time and talents this year. Community begins when we each take a look in the mirror and decide as Gandhi said, “To be the change we wish to see in this world.” All it takes is belief in ourselves that we have something worthwhile to contribute. And believe me--every single one of us has some skill, some resource or a few hours of time to give to help another. That is why my hashtag is #communitybeginswithme.

In my first month as the new MsSDL, I created a monthly volunteer challenge. I have been posting events that offer opportunities to serve community and encourage donations of supplies or volunteer time to these or any worthy cause. I have found this challenge already successful, and much desired by many communities. When I recently asked for supplies and assistance for the upcoming ICSD Community Egg Hunt, community as far as Los Angeles to local Girl Scouts answered the call. The result being donations of over 500 additional plastic eggs, countless toys and candy plus 12 new volunteers at the egg-stuffing events! I can’t wait to see who helps where they can next month!

If we haven’t already crossed paths, then I hope to meet you over the next 11 months of this incredible journey. Please do not hesitate to say hello when you see me—and to share your story of how you have been helping to make our community greater, stronger and better than ever!

Yours in Love and Leather,