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The 2016 Titleholders back in March of 2016 with the outgoing Mr. and Ms San Diego Leather!!
Shown here with Mr San Diego Leather 2014-15 Jim James (far left) & Ms San Diego Leather 2015, Annette (far right)

Having a transition of producers during your Title Year can cause all kinds of stress, but the Producers former and current want to THANK our Titleholders for an incredible year.  We are so proud of your work in the community and we know your futures are very bright It's January 2017 and our 2016 San Diego Titleholders have just about two months left in their Title Years!!!   Here are their bios as of the end of December 2016, and they're all so busy at work these could be updated in the weeks since!!

Jae - Ms San Diego Leather 2016

Jae Marie found the Leather/kink scene in May of 2009 and has never looked back! She's a poly, kinky, submissive with a dominant personality. She has a tell it like it is attitude that can be larger than life, with a huge Leather girl heart to match! Over the years, she's dedicated herself to her chosen Family, House on the Hill, and serving the community. She has done that by previously serving as a leader, class instructor and DM coordinator for San Diego TNG. Currently she gives back by DMing and teaching classes for Club X, and being a founding member, and current president, of the current chapter of the San Diego girls of Leather. She also serves on the committees for San Diego Leather Realm, San Diego Leather Pride, and is Vice President of the Southland Title Sisters. She also actively supports Leather Tracks and Trails, All Tied Up, and International Olympus Leather. She is also a proud member of Mama's Family as Mama's Cold Hands! In March of 2016, she was honored to join the class of amazing San Diego women as Ms San Diego Leather 2016 and hopes to not only help people learn and remember our Leather history, but to know it's time to make their own as well! She offers classes and education about Staples, Needles, Vaginal Fisting and Polyamory Relationship Dynamics.

Jay - Mr. San Diego Leather 2016

The current Mr. San Diego Leather 2016, Jay Heimbach (also known as PUP Starke), moved to San Diego 11 years ago and started his journey in the SD LGBTQ community. Rapidly moving towards larger goals, he recently celebrated hosting 4 years of his event Puppy Night at the SD Eagle which has been nominated for several Nicky awards and 2 Event of the Year (small) Pantheon of Leather awards. He also owns the SD Eagle Pup Title Contest, which will be making a triumphant return later this year. His involvement in the Pup community helped him earn the West Coast Olympus Leather Puppy Title in 2014. Later that year, he was Knight to Emperor 42, Robert Rodriguez, only to abdicate the position to serve as the Noble Red, Black Leather Hound Prince Royale of the 42/43 reign of the Imperial Court de San Diego. His activism, charitable contributions, and his work to help raise $165,000 for local and national charities earned him both California State and Senate commendations. Then, as Mr. San Diego Eagle 2015, he started the Mr. San Diego Eagle Community Scholarship Fund. He has been a judge for numerous contests, is a founding Member of the San Diego Fetish brotherhood and a is member the Fetishmen San Diego, and Mama’s Family knows his as “Mama’s Valorous PUP”. In 2016, he was chosen as Mr. San Diego Leather and he plans to compete at IML 2017.

Erik - San Diego Bootblack 2016

“Oh hell, but fuck yeah!” Erik began learning boot blacking as a way of earning his leathers, and quickly discovered a new passion “the art and science of leather care”. He has been blacking at the San Diego Eagle when needed over the years, and eventually became the resident bootblack at San Diego Cigar and Boots, and a part of the San Diego Beat and Greet, Club X, Fetishmen San Diego, San Diego League of Gentlemen, San Diego TNG, SAN-PAH, San Diego Fetish Brotherhood, Co-host of the San Diego Leather Potluck, San Diego Leather Pride, San Diego Leatherboys* and even won the Southern California Winter Fox hunt in 2011. In March of 2016, boy Erik was chosen as San Diego Bootblack 2016. His work as a Titleholder includes teaching individuals and groups about Bootblacking, collecting shoe donations for the homeless, raising Bootblack awareness, assisting titleholders and those wishing to become one, and he is currently working on earning his cap.

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