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Thank you from San Diego Leather Pride!

San Diego Leather Pride March 15-19, 2017, with five days full of events, a HUGE SUCCESS!!
For more information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Use #SDLP2017 on your favorite media to see all the buzz about the BEST Leather Pride Weekend EVER!  Ushering in a new philosophy of Fifth Generation Leather, Producers AJ, Colt, and Buster gave you FIVE DAYS of events and your attendance made it all WORTH IT!! Thank you!  We will continue to update you but wanted to list our gratitudes here--this is an evolving list and if you don't see your name, email Buster at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (don't forget the 5 for #5thGenerationLeather). 

And...>Save the Date!< We’re looking forward to welcoming you to San Diego Leather Pride THIRD WEEK OF MARCH IN 2018 (March 15-19, 2018), again at the World Beat Cultural Center! Join us!  We’d rather not do it without you. >;o).  #SDLP2017 


Congratulations to San Diego Leather Class of 2017:
San Diego Bootblack 2017, Red
First Runner-up San Diego Bootblack, Jake
Ms San Diego Leather 2017, Tamanava Eden-McClintock
Mr San Diego Leather 2017, Nathan Kendrick

Acknowledgments and Gratitudes:
2016 San Diego Bootblack Eric
2016 Mr San Diego Leather Jay

2016 Ms San Diego Leather Jae

2016 Titleholder support fund sponsor: John McConnell PhD
2016 Volunteer party hosts: Buster/AJ, Andy and The Loft Crew
2016 Primary Sponsors: Pleasures and Treasures and The Eagle
2016 Logistics: Kimberr, James, and the Cyr Clan
2016 Butch Revue Producer: Annie Romano
Platinum #SDLP2017 Sponsors: Pleasures &Treasures, Los Angeles Leather Coalition, Hillcrest Pharmacy
Media Sponsors:  The Leather Journal (thx Vonn and Dave), The Fight Magazine (thx Sean), Gay San Diego (thx Morgan)

Club Sponsor: Club X (and the March party, December interclub party, and all the announcements)

San Diego Leather Pride Producers/Owners: AJ and Buster (SDBB: Colt)

Venue: Jesse and Mikayda for your magic and the World Beat Cultural Center
ASL Interpreter Coordinator: Carla Warnock

Website: Oneweb, Kayla and Gogo (To be continued!)

Photography: Richard Reyes, Scott B. Smith, Alex007, Felix

Host Hotel for VIPs: The Lafayette Hotel & Bungalows

Your Seat At The Table Panelists: Mr. Dickerson, Sir Karen, Annette, Cobi, Jae Marie
Deviants Event: Ned Cato and Urbano Pelicon, Joe and Numbers, Eli and Keith, Snowy
Tiger’s Pictionary: Tiger and #1 Fifth Avenue

San Diego Leather History Display: Caryl, Pup, Jae, SDGoL, Leda, Kira, Amber, Vonn,  Leather History Project 

All Clubs Night/Leather Olympics co-producers:  Karen and Boots and crew

Clubs that registered before we ran out of room: Alano Live and Let Live Club, All Tied Up, Cigars and Boots, Club X, SD Cruisers MC, Imperial Court de San Diego, Kinky Library, Leather Tracks: Trials & Trails, Left of the Slash, Rope Space, San Diego Bears, San Diego Girls of Leather, San Diego TNG, SAN-PAH, SD Littles United, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Submissive Voice.
Flag Raising/Lowering: Hillcrest Business Association, Scottie Tidwell, Sister Ida Know, AJ, Buster and the outstanding Honor Guard participants and attendees.
Blessing: The San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Asylum of the Tortured Heart
Giant Leather Pride Flag at venue: Adam Latham
Fourth Annual Leather Fetish Ball: Rodman Productions, Robert and Scott and crew
Leather Fetish Ball Sponsors: San Diego Leather Pride, SDPix, LeatherLove, SD boys of Leather, Club X, Pleasures and Treasures, The Eagle
Brunch: Gossip Grill and Baja Betty’s
Sunday Leather Tea Dance: DJ Candy and The Rail with volunteer bar hosted by Colt thank you all!
All the Things: San Diego Girls of Leather and House of AndOr

Bootblack Stands: Curtis/Karen and Cobi
Studded Back Patches: Leatherock

Lanyards: Anthony Rollar/LeatherLove

Sashes and SDLP Back Patches: Bulldog Leathers

Contestant Numbers: Olde Armoury Leather

Trophies: RK Awards

Bag Sponsors: Mankind San Diego (Thanks Brian and Eli)

Swag and Promo Items: Promos ROK

Novelty Swag Items: Adam & Eve Stores San Diego
Cards and Posters: 4color card from the start

Medals: Players Choice, Santa Ana (Thanks Colt!)
Den/Wranglers: Anthony, Mea, Teaghan
The Tallys: Scottie, Cane and Shelly (SDBB)

Auction baskets: Chris Owen and Sereana
Workshop coordinator: Cobi
Workshop Presenters: Goddess Fae Black, Officer Wes, Sir Robb
Meeting space donated by: Pleasures and Treasures
Food and Bev Director: Shane

Co-Emcees: Empress 41/ 44 of Long Beach, Fabrique, and International LeatherSIR 2003 Sir Mike Russell
Judges: Head Judge Lascivious Jane (IMsL 2016), David “Tigger” Bailey (IML 2016), Ali Mushtaq (Mr Long Beach Leather 2016), GRRRGeous Annette (Ms San Diego Leather 2015), Go-Go Eddie Hibbs (aka Sister Erotica Psychotica), Erick Joseph (IMrBB 2016), Meghan (IMsBB 2016), and Mark Bellenger (Curator, Tom of Finland Foundation), Community Judge Duff Roberts, and our Sunday Keynote speaker Patrick Smith (International Mr Leather 2015).
Judges’ Equerries:  Julie and Emperor 44 of San Diego, Summer

Fashion Show: Mankind, Eli Correa, Keith Johnson
Models: Alex Francisco Brache, Jose De Le Cruz, Nathan Howard, Dre, Danielle
Setup and Teardown: Zack (Powerhouse), Anton (Solid), Robb, Red, Colt, Eric
Door: Mykl, Pup Rocky, Senor Apple,  Kate, Jewels, Shalimar, Flavia
Volunteers: Justin, Patrick, Amber, Rook, Kirk, Barry, Chris, Lena

And special thanks to…

Flavia for the generous donations to the auction, for feeding us, and for your service heart, also to Amber, Julie, Sereana, Donnie, Annette, Zack, Jason, Shilo for your support of the auctions—thank you!
Bunnie and LTT&T for giving us the opportunity to hear from Jo, Annie, Kim, Adam, Caryl, Bryan, Mike…
Thank you Commissioner Nicole Murray-Ramirez and Mayor Kevin Faulconer for the Commendations


Community...Be A Part Of It.  

For more information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SDLP2017 Sponsors Banners A PT 525x

SDLP2017 Sponsors Banners A HRx 525x

SDLP2017 Sponsors Banners A LALC 525x