2017 Emcees

2017 Emcees

Mr Mike Russell

SDLP2017 Emcees Mike Russell 200xThe San Diego Leather community through mentorship and love, raised Mike Russell.  After cruising the backroom of Wolfs Bar he gained the title of Mr. Wolfs in 2003.  He was then handcuffed, hogged tied and guided by his leather family where he earned the title of Southern California Leather Sir 2003.  He was then cleaned up, escorted to Tampa FL, and won the title of International Leather Sir 2003, a descendent of Drummer.

Sir Mike is retired from the federal government.  A former board member of San Diego Pozabilities; Special Olympics volunteer; Member of Mr. San Diego Leather Contest Committee, as Den Daddy.  Recipient of the 2004 Leadership Award – San Diego Black Pride Committee; San Diego Man of the Year 2007, and nominated for two Pantheon of Leather and one San Diego Nicky awards. He is also a proud “Mama’s Leather Sir”.

Sir Mike, formerly produced the Annual San Diego Leather Community Awards, to honor the San Diego Leather, Levi, Bear, Kink and Fetish communities.  He is the former producer of California Leather Sir/boy Community Bootblack and Puppy Contest.  He now enjoys working behind the scenes as a mentor, coach, Den Daddy and Judge for Mr. San Diego, Mr. Eagle and California and International Leather Sir and Drummer North America.  He enjoys writing speeches and fantasies and hanging out with the guys of BBC (Bare Buns California).

As a columnist for the San Diego LGBT, he penned the column “Gear Up;” answering personal questions on the BDSM lifestyle.  He hosted the San Diego Eagle’s “Stud Night;” interviewing models of the adult entertainment industry, taking an up close and personal glimpse into their lives and the business.  

Sir Mike, husband “cubby” Jeff, and dog Bella open their home and co-host parties in “The Yard,” an alternative to the bar scene, and a place where “Family” can share; affectionately called “A house for wayward boys.”  In Mike’s world, there are no strangers; just someone new to get to know!  So just say, “Hi!” Mike will take it from there!

Mike’s a country boy from Texas, which has a lot to do with the Man he is Today!

Mike’s motto:  Let’s Connect and Share Energy!


Empress Fabrique

SDLP2017 Emcees Fabrique 200xShe is the Darkest Wave of Long Beach, the "Fabreeze of the Wave".

Born in Redding, raised in LA and a product of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, his alter ego has toiled in management at Forever 21 for almost two decades.

Time spent in San Francisco, Idaho and Manhattan led up his current work in the wonderful City by the Sea of Long Beach, California.  Reigning twice as the Black Diamond Dragon Empress of the International Imperial Court of Long Beach during Reigns 41 and 44, Fabrique has had her hand in raising thousands of dollars for various charities in Long Beach including the MYTE Project - Mentoring Youth Through Empowerment - and the Saint Mary's C.A.R.E. Project - the Comprehensive AIDS Resource and Education Project.  Yet beyond the titles as Co-President of one of Long Beach's longest-running LGBT charitable organizations, Fabrique is a rare jewel because drag is pure enjoyment.

From the rustle of fabric, to the sparkle of gem, a touch of color here and a dazzle of shimmer there... Fabrique is inspired by the inspiration of drag.  With her mad skills, she bends textiles and materials to her will to create her costuming.  

Cross all this with her love of pugs and French bulldogs, and the natural result (of course!) is her drag has morphed to Goth... with a twist - look for yellow flags and stand upwind of her when you are dressed in full leathers...

Inspired by beauty, driven by fascination and fueled by love, Fabrique makes raising one dollar at a time look effortless and breathtaking.

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