San Diego Leather Pride is pleased to announce our judges for the 2017 Mr. and Ms San Diego Leather contest. It is an exemplary panel and we are very excited to have each and every one of them here in San Diego!

International Mr Leather 2015 - Patrick Smith

SDLP2017 Judge Patrick Smith 200xPatrick Smith is International Mr. Leather 2015, Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2015, and Eagle LA Mr. Leather 2015.

Patrick is best known for his focus on international activism, which has taken him to places regarded as hostile to the LGBT community, including Uganda, Egypt, Morocco, and Ukraine. His mission is to learn first-hand the experience of sexual minorities in these places, and to raise awareness and funds for their causes back home.

Patrick’s writing on LGBT issues can be found in numerous publications including The Advocate. He has spoken on LGBT rights issues to audiences ranging from church congregations in the US to global community events in Europe. Recently, Patrick was recognized by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti for his “dedicated efforts and untiring advocacy on behalf of disadvantaged LGBT domestic and global communities.”

In a professional capacity, Patrick cut his teeth in Canadian politics, having served as assistant to the Chief of Staff in the Office of the Prime Minister. He is happily married to the love of his life, Michael.


International Ms Leather 2016 LasciviousJane

Heather 2LasciviousJane is a power-femme switch, kinky burlesqueer, and sex educator. 

In addition to being perpetually covered in leather and glitter, in 2015, she became the first Ms Philadelphia Leather in a decade and is your current International Ms Leather.

She is a multi award winning drag and burlesque performer and producer who has performed all across the United States and Canada, and is the Artistic Director of Liberty City Kings Drag & Burlesque.

This year LiCK is celebrating a decade of drag, burlesque, and good ‘ol fashioned raunchy fun in Philly.

In her spare time, she enjoys teaching the art of striptease, getting dirty in her garden, finishing her Ph.D, and community organizing.

Tagline: The Girl Next Door Who Is Everyone’s Lover


International Mr Leather 2016 - David "Tigger" Bailey

SDLP2017 Judge Tigger 200x

David “Tigger” Bailey is proud to serve our diverse communities as your current International Mister Leather 2016. He also has the distinct dual honor of being both the oldest leatherman to earn the IML title and the first from New Jersey, where he served as Mr. New Jersey Leather 2016.

A Massachusetts native, Tigger grew up on the east coast and came out in the leather scene in 1984 while attending MIT where he graduated with a degree in Management Science. Tigger slowly migrated west from Boston to New York, New Jersey, Toronto and now home in the DC Metro area. He is privileged to have found 3 amazing men to love unconditionally and build a strong non-traditional family (2 Sirs, 2 boys, and lots of lube).

Tigger shares his polyamorous life openly and empowers others to live in a way that is truly authentic, regardless of boundaries or norms. He is a proud collared Sir to his leather family where public service is valued and encouraged. His message of leather, love, service and family has inspired conversation and reexamination of what it means to be a kinky leather person in a time of hetero-normative pressure to assimilate. And, more importantly, how we accept the authenticity of every individual in our community without judgment, shame or exclusion.



  Ms San Diego Leather 2015 - Annette

SDLP2017 Judge Annette 200x

Grrrgeous, or Grrr, is a poly, futch, queer Leather Woman with a teeny, tiny sadistic streak who has been active in the fetish/kink communities for two amazing years decades, including serving as the San Diego Leather Pride Community Judge for Ms. San Diego Leather 2009.

Currently a "wuzzie", she is Ms. San Diego Leather 2015 and has served as President of the Board of Directors for Club X, the largest pansexual kink/fetish Club in Southern California.

A lifelong educator, Grrr has delivered presentations for Club X in San Diego, Behind Closed Doors in Tucson, student organizations,  women's conferences, fetish groups, university healthcare professionals,  and very private audiences for over 10 years and enjoys every chance she gets to share what she has learned with others.




   Mr Long Beach Leather 2016 - Ali Mushtaq

SDLP2017 Judge Ali 200x

Ali Mushtaq is the officer/Founding Member of ONYX South West as well as Mr. Long Beach Leather 2016. 

As such, he has helped fundraise for local nonprofits, such as APLA, Minority AIDS Project, and Beinestar.

He has also helped bridge racial minorities to the broader leather community by providing BDSM/leather education.

Additionally, he has helped develop the leather/BDSM community in Long Beach, especially by developing events that bring neighboring communities into BDSM/leather.

Finally, he has worked with local (LGBT) youth in order to foster community and organization development.

He has also given talks on BDSM/Kink/leather history at local colleges.

During the day, he is finishing his Ph.D. in Sociology at UC: San Francisco, actively researches, and teaches sociology courses.


 "Go-Go Eddie" Hibbs aka Sister Erotical Psychotica

SDLP2017 Judge Erotica 200x

“Go-Go Eddie”, a Perv Promoter/Producer and emcee extraordinaire, is a cum-pig and a nun.  The self-titled “Silver Lake Slut”, his go-go dancer, model and door whore past is much more interesting than his lack of day job. 

“Eddie Spaghetti” has been semi-retired for the past few years and he spends his time landscaping his backyard - shoveling tons of dirt during the day to create terraces of cacti and succulents definitely keeps him fit.  So does heavy breathing by jacking-off all night (and sometimes days) screening porn, courtesy of Bing.  

As Sister Erotica Psychotica – the Avant Guardian of the Nasty Habit – with the Los Angeles Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, he has dedicated his/her life to serving the gay community, fundraising, donating countless amounts of time and energy to charities such as P.A.W.S. L.A., The Los Angeles Leather Coalition, Being Alive, L.A. Shanti, Aid for AIDS, The Carl Bean Hospice, and The Trevor Project.

Eddie’s kinks are TOPS who take control, anonymous scenes, bondage, being USED 1-on-1 or in a gang-bang (35 is my record); getting my hole stretched with toys, camming, FF, WS, pervy role-play, and rape scenes.  He also collects faux pigs of every sort (approx. 300+ so far), is a true Pisces and red is his favorite color.  He loves to eat, dance, watch horror/sci-fi movies, and Oink out!  Feel free to message him on BBRT, Scruff, NKP, Grindr, or Asspig.  He is the original Cum Pig on them all.


The Community Judge -- Duff Roberts

DuffDuff has been active in the Leather community since before God was a boy, which makes her very old and her Leather resume as long and as varied as her Leather life.

Of particular pride to Duff is her ownership of So Cal Leather Productions, producer of SoCal Leather Woman title 2005-2015, and facilitator of San Diego’s Women’s Leather Rap from 2004-2009.

Lest anyone worry, Duff does have a judging resume which includes 2011 Mr. Palm Springs Leather contest, 2010 Ms. San Diego Leather, 2009 Mr. Los Angeles Leather, the inaugural Mr. and Ms. 2010 TransNation, 2013 North American Pony/Trainer, as well as number of bar contests.

The rest of her Leather history is too long to list everything she has facilitated, created, produced, organized, edited, presented, supported, DM-ed, PR-ed, fund-raised for, wrote checks for, been a member of, volunteered for, ambassadored for, sold advertising for, and been awarded; all of which, she acknowledges humorously, is of no interest to anyone and boring as hell.


SDLP is excited to announce the return of the Community Judge as an essential part of our seven-judge panel for the Mr and Ms San Diego Leather Contests! The Community Judge is selected based on their residency and continued service to the San Diego community, does not have to be a Titleholder or identify as “Leather”, and is charged with the responsibility of helping the judging panel assess the “fit” of the contestants from their perspective. Over the decades, we have been honored to have many national and international judges, and we hope to augment this wide-spread experience with a judge who is familiar with our city, our goals, and our San Diego spirit! Based on community feedback, we believe a majority supported the return of this position on the judging panel--we heard YOU and we thank YOU for the input! 


The San Diego Bootblack Contest has announced the judging panel for the 2017 San Diego Bootblack Contest

Marc Ransdall-Bellenger

SDLP2017 BB Judges Marc Ransdell 200xMr. Long Beach Leather 2013, Mr. Fort Lauderdale Eagle 1994, Mr. Pride in Leather 1993

Tom of Finland Foundation Curator & Community Development

I have been into leather or kinky for as long as I can recall even long before I knew what sex was. My mother had a set of leathers made for me in 1st grade I wore them all the time; this was where my exposure began. As I got older and my body began to change I started doing "strange things" alone in my bedroom with my belts and leather jackets and my brothers football gear and began to "enjoy myself" oddly enough I was never ashamed of this. I told my friends about it and several of us were off and running together. At the Age of 13, after my mother passed away and my stepfather discovered I was "a queer faggot" I was shipped from Kentucky to Florida to live with my father and his family and to be "straightened out".

I was devastated but little did I know it would not be long and in unexpected ways before things started to get better I discovered my 1st copy of Drummer magazine. I started to amass a collection.

One evening I forgot to lock my bedroom door, my father found me in my leathers, belts, my own football gear whacking off to my collection of BDSM porn. For the 1st time I was ashamed. I really did not know him that well at that time I had only been living there a few months he and my mother divorced shortly after I was born and moved to different states until now I had only seen him once a year at X-mass for a week at a time. I quickly learned I had nothing to be ashamed of he was a forward thinking psychologist.

That night he sat with me, while I was still blushing and embarrassed, wearing my homemade sex gear. He told me there was nothing wrong with me, or what I was doing. I was perfectly normal. He did have a discussion with me about a strange illness affecting gay men at the time called GRID. Not that much later, it became known as AIDS. As a result of that conversation with my father, I started an underground gay sex club in high school. Condoms had to be used a members had to be screened there were about 6 of us who played together fumbling along with ropes and straps not really knowing what we were doing. On my 18th birthday my father took his leather jacket out of the closet handed me mine and took me to Man's Land in West Palm Beach FL. My 1st leather bar with my father, I thought it was strange he knew everyone there. And he introduced me I had no idea he was gay and kinky himself. At 21, I moved to Ft Lauderdale and discovered the Stud where, I met my 2nd Leather Mentor, David Vargo. We founded “Young Leathermen of South Florida" a group to teach and mentor young kinky men since now there was a missing generation which AIDS had taken from us. I was also a founding member of the NLA Florida chapter as well as P.L.A.Y People of Leather Among You.

1993 I came to realization that I had a problem with drugs and alcohol and joined Lambda South a 12-step recovery meeting club. I founded the 1st leather in recovery meeting in FL, "Keep it Kinky”.  In 2000, I put my leathers back in the closet to care for my ailing partner 2003 we moved to Long Beach CA to be near City of Hope.


Erick Joseph

SDLP2017 BB Judges IBB Erick 200xErick Joseph is proud to have served the community as the first ever Alaska State Bootblack and now currently as International Mr. Bootblack 2016! His passion for bootblacking stems from his discovery of all things leather at the Alaska Center for Alternative Lifestyles located in downtown Anchorage, Alaska. For Erick, bootblacking is a fulfilling form of service to his community, as well as a way of helping others preserve the positive energy of their leathers. Most importantly, he enjoys the sexiness and connection that a good boot scene can encompass.

Erick’s goal is to continue to cultivate and promote the bootblack community while bringing a FUN and positive face to the International Mr. Bootblack title.

Erick enjoys traveling, meeting others, and creating bonds with community members for future endeavors.

He describes himself as a dedicated, hardworking, loyal, and FUN Bootblack with a special interest in service and blacking from the lap!




SDLP2017 BB Judges Meghan 200xMeghan is proud to represent her community as International Ms Bootblack 2016. She has also been honored to serve as Great Lakes Bootblack 2015 and Bluegrass Leather Pride Bootblack 2015.

Since 2012 she’s been active in her local Kink and Leather communities, blacking regularly at The Barracks, ReMix and fundraisers throughout her region. At home, Meghan runs a Boot Lab for new and existing bootblacks in the area. She also serves on the Board of Directors as Treasurer for Mr. Friendly: Team Louisville, and is a full member of Titans of the Midwest. Recently, she has been brought onto the Great Lakes Board of Directors as co-coordinator of the Bootblack contest.

Meghan seeks to create an experience in her chair that not only honors and worships your Leather, but also your journey. Bootblacking gives her the space to define her ideas of sexual expression and spirituality in ways that resonate deeply.